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It was a Love Affair from the Beginning!

I love getting my nails done! Looking at my manicured nails covered in vibrant colors and designs makes me feel beautiful. As a single parent, I found myself trying to adhere to a strict budget, which meant getting my nails done did not always fit. In search of a solution to my dilemma, I decided to do my nails myself. As a self-proclaimed YouTube learner, I gained the skills I needed (thanks to Suzie, Tabytha, Elizabeth, and Jim, just to name a few).

Why Choose to Sell Nail Care Products?

On my journey, I ran into a problem. Despite having gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, my final result did not offer the salon-quality finish I wanted. The reason was because of the products I chose to use. While I saved money, the result showed it, with streaky colors, rounded nails, etc.  I needed a quality product, and my search leads me to a radical idea. I want to sell nail products.


Ojima Nails is a brand born from blazing my trail. Doing my nails is my passion. I offer to the world salon-quality gel polish products for everyone who loves doing nails. 

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