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Color of 2021!

Pantone has chosen Illuminating and Ultimate Gray as the colors of 2021. If you are anything like me, these colors are refreshing. Clean and vibrant, they place my mind on all things new and fresh. I get the same feeling you get when you move into a new place. Everything is just right with the world, and your brain begins to contemplate all of the possibilities for the new space. After the year we have had, this color choice is ushering in the New Year with a sense of newness that we can all use right now.

The industry is said to be calling for a mixture of nudes and brights right now. If you are an avid watcher of home decor shows, you have seen this color combination before. Gray is usually the base color of walls or large furniture pieces, while yellow serves as the accent color to brighten the space. Yellow usually pulls light into a room, and gray is a traditional base color.

How does it all translate to nail color?? Well, my friends, the possibilities are endless! One thing I appreciate about Instagram is all of the nail creativity that comes through my feed. From abstract art to the refined skills of hand-painting an entire painting on a tiny nail canvas. So far, the geometric style with these colors is pretty popular. I did my variation with solid colors Ojima Nails Sunny and Gray polishes and marbling accent nails finished with Ojima Nails Velvet Matte top Coat. Of course, we had to add a little bling because I love all things that twinkle!

Illuminating is a bright yellow that draws light. A c

olor that complements several skin tones, this yellow will bring light to any style. Ultimate gray is a neutral color with a clean finish. This color alone is muted but is complimentary of several skin tones as well.

The combination of both allows the yellow to brighten up the overall look.

My first question is always, will this shade look good on me? The great thing about having a dark complexion is most colors go well with my skin tone. But this combination looks lovely against my skin, as you can see in the photos.

I am excited to watch this year in nails unfold and explore everyone's interpretation of this color combination. So to all of my nail techs, DIYers, and nail enthusiasts, be creative, and have fun! If you would like your finished product to be featured in our stories on Instagram, DM me @ojimanails.

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