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The "Just Got My Nails Done" Experience

Having your nails done is a great self-care tool that boosts the spirit immediately upon completion. The type of "done" is entirely up to the person. From a polish change to enhancements, the finished product will put your mind in a happier place.

As a new polish brand, I encounter new hand models often. The behavior that stands out to me is that of those who do not normally get their nails done. Usually, as soon as the polish or enhancement is complete, their mood lifts. The funniest are those who progress into finger-popping women with lots of attitude. Watching the transformation is the best part of the job.

As with any self-care ritual, nail care lifts our mood and gives our self-esteem a boost. Even if color is not your thing, just a nice soaking manicure with a nail hardener to strengthen your nails is excellent. You will spend the week glancing at your hands in admiration, thus lifting your mood.

For a quick at-home manicure for your natural nails, you will need:

2 hand towels

1 Large bowl (big enough to fit one or both of your hands)

1 Liquid Hand Soap/ dish detergent (preferably Dawn or Palmolive)

1 Nail File or Buffer (180 grit for natural nails)

1 Your favorite cuticle Oil (Our favorite is NeRose Cosmetics Mai Tai Cuticle Oil)

1 Cuticle Pusher

1 Your Favorite Polish or Polish System.

  1. You will want to fill the bowl with warm water and add the hand soap so it's nice and bubbly. Fold one handtowel in half and place it on your table, then place the bowl on top.

  2. Soak each hand for 10-15 minutes.

  3. Remove your hands and rinse them off. Dry your hands with the second hand towel.

  4. Use the cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles (the round area where the nail and skin meet). Be gentle, especially after soaking; this area will be very delicate.

  5. Gently use the buffer to buff the surface of the nail. DO NOT use pressure; use small circles to take off the natural nails' shine layer. Any dead skin left on the nail plate from the cuticles being pushed back should come off as well.

  6. Use the nail file on the free edge of the nail to shape your nails as desired.

  7. Remove all dust from your nails.

  8. Use Ojima Nails Gel Polish System or your favorite polish to achieve your desired final result.

  9. Watch your mood, lift!

Adding quick self-care habits like this to your schedule is definitely worth it. Give yourself some me-time this week and soak your hands while listening to an audiobook or binge-watching Netflix. Your hands will catch your attention for the rest of the week.

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