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Hello! My Name is Niambi

, and I am the proud owner of Ojima Nails brand Luxury Gel Polish. We are a budding company excited about all things nails. My excitement about nails began with a feeling. I loved how I felt with a fresh manicure and set of nails.

So how did I go from getting my nails done in salons to owning a polish brand? Well, a stack of bad experiences at salons drove me to YouTube University, and a DIY nail tech was born (I only do my nails). The more I learned, I fell in love. I pored through hours upon hours of nail care videos. I learned how to care for my natural nails properly and how to add enhancements correctly.

But I ran into a problem. Despite hours of practice, I never quite achieved a salon finish. I realized that cheaper products don't always offer the same finish as professional products. I realized that I could deliver what many other DIYers and I are looking for in my product research. An affordable professional brand that is not exclusive to professionals.

Thus Ojima Nails was born! Opened amid a pandemic in July 2020, I am excited to bring you a well-crafted environmentally conscious luxury product (also see the What's in Ojima Nails Products blog). The same amount of energy I put into learning about nails, I put into offering my products. I have researched each ingredient to make sure I am offering a quality product in which I believe.

I also started my company to bring the nail world closer. I want to have open dialogs about nail care and doing nails. I want to offer other DIYers the great resources I have come across and discuss what we are learning. I want you to share your information also. This way, everyone can benefit and grow.

Ojima Nails is a black-owned business that represents every person's authenticity, with a splash of color. Whoever you are and wherever you may reside, we want to see you celebrate your definition of beauty. I want my customers to feel confident and gorgeous when they wear my products.

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